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  • The activities from Orgaworld Asia can be best understood from the perspective of two pillars; the process pilar and the product pillar. On the Process side of our business we Design, Build, and Operate (organic) waste and residue treatment and valorization facilities. On the Product side Orgaworld Asia develops, markets and sells a wide range of specialty organic fertilizer products and bio-stimulators.

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    Modular and flexible (organic) waste and residue treatment and valorization facilities. Proven technology, robust, cost-efficient and profitable. Close to 20 years of international track-record.

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    High quality (specialty) products from a wide range or organic sources. Our focus is on enabling real and lasting sustainable agriculture while forming the basis of a truly circular economy.

  • About

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    Orgaworld Asia has a vast experience with various processes for conversion and valorisation of organic residues into high-end valuable and marketable products and sustainable energy solutions. Orgaworld is market leader in organic waste valorisation with a profitable and international track record of close to 20 years.


    In our core, we are an operations company. This means we do not aim to make money selling complex technology. Instead, our focus always lies with creating real-world business cases, based on the products we produce from our unique and patented organic waste valorisation processes.

  • Solutions

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    Orgaworld Asia Agile Bio-Converter

    Asia is in urgent need of robust, cost efficient and flexible organic waste treatment solutions. Our Orgaworld Agile Bio-Converter has ben developed especially to serve this market.


    The Orgaworld Asia Agile Bio-Converter is a flexible and modular facility able to process a wide range of organic wastes and residues as well as municipal solid waste. This technology is especially fit for converting livestock and poultry wastes, manures, and agricultural residues into high-end specialty organic fertilisers. Depending on the type of feedstock and required product specifications, processing time can be as little as 3 days.


    Because of the modular and flexible design of the Agile Bio-Converter, full construction can be completed in under 6 months. Future capacity expansion is easy and cost efficient, allowing for great operational and financial flexibility.


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    Orgaworld Wet Anaerobic Digestion​

    The Orgaworld Wet Anaerobic Digestion technology is world leading in terms of process efficiency and energy recovery and utilisation. The Orgaworld Greenmills facility in Amsterdam, the Netherlands is Europe's largest wet anaerobic digestion facility with a combined on-site waste water treatment facility.


    The Orgaworld Wet Anaerobic Digestion technology combines wet AD technology with both anaerobic and aerobic waste water treatment, a bio-membrane reactor and a digestate drying facility utilzing process heat. In case of the Amsterdam facility, a large number of residential households are heated utilising the recovered Orgaworld process heat.


    The Orgaworld Greenmills technology produces electricity, heat, biogas, and high-quality organic fertiliser products.


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    Orgaworld Dry Anaerobic Digestion​

    The Orgaworld Biocel is a robust and proven dry anaerobic treatment technology for processing a wide range of organic waste and residues. This technology combines dry anaerobic treatment with an aerobic fermentation process in a total of 18 reactors.


    The Biocel technology is equipped with a biogas purification system and two combined heat and power units. The facility is also equipped with a fully automated de-packaging installation and post-treatment screening and separation installation.


    There is zero waste (water) effluent from the facility, and the process produces electricity, heat, biogas, and high-quality organic fertiliser products.


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    Orgaworld Tunnel Composting Technology

    The Orgaworld Tunnel Composting Technology is a highly efficient and cost effective solution for processing a wide range of organics wastes. This Orgaworld technology has been utilised highly profitably and proven in both Europe and North America.


    As our Agile Bio-Converter technology, also the Orgaworld Tunnel Composting Technology is equipped with advanced door abatement systems including ammonia treatment, bio-scrubbers and bio-filters. Utilizing smart and effective Orgaworld technology, we are able to effectively control odor emissions.


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    Orgaworld Mechanical Biological Treatment

    The Orgaworld Mechanical Biological Treatment Technology offers a zero-waste solution for treating municipal solid waste, recovering all recyclables and valuable materials from household waste in a fully automated process.


    The Orgaworld Mechanical Biological Treatment Technology combines various technologies such as hoppers, bag rippers, conveyor belts, various drum screens, windshifters, magnetic separators, near infrared units (NIR), ballistic separators, loaders, baling units for its dry material recovery process. For wet material recovery hoppers, de-stoners, wash screens, vibrating screens, screw conveyors, water collection tanks, hydroclones, shredders, screw presses, holding tanks, and centrifuges are used. These processes are complemented with an Orgaworld Wet Anaerobic Digestion facility.


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  • Products

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    Orgaworld Asia Products

    Orgaworld Asia has a wide range of organic fertilizer products. All our products are fully mature, stable and no longer consume oxygen and nitrogen but are rich in building biology, such as Protozoa. These products are processed in various unique and patented processes guaranteeing uniform and stable high-quality organic fertilizer products.


    Examples of these products are Tree Starters, specialty topsoils, Trichoderma dominant biostimulator products, 3-3-1,5 NPK, 5-2-2 NPK, 2-5-2 NPK, and 2-2-5 NPK. All of the Orgaworld Asia products are from 100% organic source without usage of any chemical additives.


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    Orgaworld Asia Specialty Products

    Orgaworld Asia also supports the Asia agricultural sector with site-specific specialty organic fertilizer products. In this case, we offer soil analysis, crop nutrient requirement analysis, and provide our customers with the exact nutrient required for that customer's unique circumstance. Offering the optimum level of nutrients, micro-nutrients and organic matter, at the lowest possible costs.


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    Wageningen University & Research

    For the development of products and soil analysis and research required for the Orgaworld Asia Site-Specific Specialty Products Orgaworld Asia works together with the number 1 agricultural university in the world, Wageningen University from the Netherlands. Learn more about Wageningen University here.


  • Media

  • Essentials for Organic Waste Management in Asia

    Keynote Speech by Julius L. de Jong, Managing Director Orgaworld Asia BV at Eco Expo Asia in Hong Kong, October 2016

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